Sports Massage Therapist in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot, Hampshire, Farnham, Hartley, Whitney.

Performance Centre

Our performance centre is aimed at helping athletes of all standards, from recreational level right through to elite. Our scientific approach combined with performance assessments, ongoing consultation and bespoke training plans, means we take a unique approach to drive you to success, no matter what your individual goals are.

Lyndsey is a trained biokineticist that specialises in sports performance through sport science, diet, psychology and movement. It involves a mixture of movement screening, biomechanical analysis, postural assessment, gait analysis, muscle strength, power, endurance and personalised coaching, to devise a programme that is specific to you and your body. 

As experts in both prehab and rehab, we also utilise various skills to ensure you keen in optimum condition and training at the appropriate level. We use preventative treatments to help you reduce the risk of injury and create rehabilitation programmes for injuries of all types. This two-pronged approach assists recovery, identifies muscle imbalances, relieves pressure points to reduce pain and enhance performance.

The team are also specialists in strength, conditioning and personal training to help support you with running (5K to ultra-marathons) as well as a wide range of sports including cycling, golf, hockey, rugby, football and tennis. So commit to your journey, use the breadth of knowledge and guidance we have and let's crush those PBs together.

Fleet Sports Therapy is part of The Club, a semi-private training studio.

Sports Massage Therapist in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot, Hampshire

Postural Analysis

Full postural and movement analysis that highlights imbalances and possible areas of dysfunction.


1. Postural assessment

2. Movement analysis

3. Results documents and recommendations for treatment



Sports Massage Therapist in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot, Hampshire

Body Analysis Package

Full body biomechanical analysis with corrective exercise and bespoke training programme to help you meet your goals.


1. Full posture and movement analysis with results document

2. 4 week corrective exercise program to address any dysfunction/ imbalances

3. Free use of exercise program app



Sports Massage Therapist in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot, Hampshire

Performance Package

Comprehensive, in-depth option for optimal elite or recreational performance including bespoke coaching, training and treatments


1. Full assessments and reports

2. Personal coaching sessions x 2

3. Sports therapy treatment x 2

4. Corrective exercise programme