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About Us


Clinical massage uses a range of techniques to help relieve and treat varying degrees of aches and pain, increase range of movement, reduce tension and steer you towards recovery. Deep tissue massage and soft tissue release supports the body's recovery from training as well as helping those less active but dealing with the stress of every day life.

As experts in both prehab and rehab, Fleet Sports Therapy utilises various skills to treat injuries, identify muscle imbalances, painful trigger points and help with preventative treatments to help you repair or stay injury free.

We also have specialists in human movement, treating all levels of athletes from elite to recreational. We offer various techniques from  biomechanical analysis, muscle strength testing, special tests, flexibility and movement analysis to support people of all ages improve their physical wellbeing, fitness and performance. Whether it's aiding walking to improve quality of life, or you require personalised coaching and training programmes, we'll help you identify issues, and implement corrections  in order to achieve your best.


As a team we have regular elite customers and have experience in supporting multiple international sports players with injury prehab, rehab and biokinetics including various rugby, hockey and American Football players.