Wellness is fundamental to everything we do. Many of our customers simply want to improve their health, fitness or concentrate on improving their diet or weightloss. Your body's health and wellness is often an aspect of our lives that is overlooked as a priority, yet it is actually the key to living a fulfilling and happy life.

Too often a lack of understanding of the mechanics of the body, unrealistic goals, or the wealth of misinformation around what you should or shouldn't be eating to lose weight, clouds people's focus and they abandon their efforts. We ensure you are guided in the best way for you, your body and mind to achieve success, health and happiness.

We start with an initial consultation with one of our friendly, where we discuss your personal circumstances and your area of focus. We discuss everything from your home life, job, stress and fitness levels, quality of sleep, diet and any niggles or ailments. We then devise realistic methods on how we can help you, that don't starve you of the aspects of life we all love and enjoy. We believe you will never get to where you want unless it is balanced. 

Diet Apples

Basic Plan

A great place to start. A full consultation that helps guide you to a happy, healthy mind and body.


1. Free Consultation and assessment

2. Individualised nutrition targets

3. Home workout plan



Weight Loss Essentials

Ultimate Starter

Includes a full consultation on your mind and body. A kickstarter package of four sessions that follows your own personal programme to help you with diet and nutrition, fitness, quality of sleep, anxiety and overall wellness.



1. Individualised nutrition and Meal plans

2. Home workout plan for 4 weeks

3. Posture and  movement screening

4. Body composition analysis

5. Personal Training sessions x 4

6. Goal setting and tracking




Wellness package

A full wellness consultation with follow-up that includes guidance on how to achieve success, health and happiness.


1. Exercise program for 4 weeks

2. Virtual PT sessions x 2

3. Individualised nutrition targets




"I am the last person you will find in a gym, but when I recently got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I realised I needed to make big lifestyle changes and it wasn’t going to happen by itself! I reached out to Lyndsey at FST for rehab personal training and nutritional help and advice. She supports me with all the tools I need to make the changes happen and although it’s intense, I need this level of accountability to drive me. The gym is a big space where I can work without pressure and expectation 1-2-1. It’s private and easy going and I know Lyndsey will push me when I need pushing, but I also know I can say this is too much at any time and she will adapt the program as necessary. Cheers Lyndsey, you are a godsend!."

Piara Strainge

“Lyndsey is inspirational and pushes you only as far as your limitations but further than you would push yourself! She has an innate understanding of the body which makes me trust her completely having been through a couple of huge surgeries and lost my confidence. I have become much more agile and feel better as a whole.."

Janet Birch