Our pain clinic aims to help overcome any minor or major aches, pains, postural problems or chronic health issues through diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical function. Our treatments also address the more subtle aspects of a fully functioning body, such as range of movement, circulation and education on self-care. All are contributing factors to your overall health and wellbeing. From day one our knowledgable and caring team will aim to help you heal in a way that enables you to get back to a stronger, pain-free and happier life.  


We offer a range of services and our initial consultation will help shape the best course of treatment for your individual needs. We have experts in advanced clinical massage, sports massage, pain relief, myofascial release, hot and cold treatments, soft tissue release, neck back or joint pain, and trigger point release therapy.


Regular types of massage can also relieve tension, help manage stress, increase overall flexibility, range of motion, improve relaxation and help the body's recovery from specific sports training. It is also for those that are less active but keen to give their bodies the utmost ongoing care.


One off clinical or sports massage. Includes full 20 minute pain consultation, diagnosis and treatment advice



Massage Pack

Suitable for those that require a series of five regular pain or rehabilitation treatments and includes ongoing consultation and healing advice



Sports Therapy

Comprehensive assessments to identify the root cause of your injury/ pain. Treatment will include soft tissue work, muscle release and strengthening work. 




"Lyndsey is an absolute miracle worker!! I came to her suffering from multiple chronic sports injuries after years of abuse on the hockey pitch and gardening! Within a few sessions my pain has been dramatically reduced and my flexibility and posture have improved immensely! She has a gentle, sensitive approach. And her individually tailored treatments, communication and attention to your well-being ensures that you feel that you are in confident, capable hands. I have already recommended Lindsey to several family members and friends and will continue to do so, as I know that they will benefit greatly from her treatment."

Debbie Rottier

“Can’t recommend Lyndsey enough. I visited her on my son’s advice following neck, shoulder and lower back ache. Lyndsey has provided much needed relief and relaxation in a calm environment. She is professional and knowledgeable with a welcoming disposition and pitches the massage just right. Feel so much better after visiting."

Carole Michaelides

One of the best massage therapists in the UK without doubt. No matter what the ache or pain, they get you back to full health with a professional service and effective pain relief and treatment.

Katherine Larder

Such a good place for massage, especially for my lower back problems, I have 3 disk hernias and extreme pain in my lower back and hips. This massage therapy improved my ability of motion and relieved pain. Lindsay was also very patient and understanding, and she made sure to explain every procedure. I would 100% recommend her.

Cristina Mocan

I personally have been using Physio’s throughout my entire adult life. I was in a car accident in my twenties and have played baseball, softball & Volleyball for many years. I blew out my Acl 3 years ago and since, I have have had many hamstring and groin pulls. The therapists (Lyndsey) at Fleet Sports Therapy have been absolutely fantastic in my rehabilitation. The knowledge and experience along with treatments and exercise have put me back on the path to being at my best again. Lyndsey is a 5 star physio would absolutely recommend Fleet Sports Therapy.

Shane Francis

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