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Sports Massage Therapist in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot, Hampshire, Basingstoke, Hook, Farnham, Hartley, Whitney


  • A 60min deep tissue/ sports massage treatment

    1 hr

    64 British pounds
  • Five session package suitable for those that need ongoing treatment

    1 hr

    320 British pounds

Our pain clinic aims to help overcome any minor or major aches, pains, postural problems or chronic health issues through diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical function. Our treatments also address the more subtle aspects of a fully functioning body, such as range of movement, circulation and education on self-care. All are contributing factors to your overall health and wellbeing. From day one our knowledgable and caring team will aim to help you heal in a way that enables you to get back to a stronger, pain-free and happier life.  


We offer a range of services and our initial consultation will help shape the best course of treatment for your individual needs. We have experts in advanced clinical massage, sports massage, deep tissue, pain relief, myofascial release, soft tissue release, neck back or joint pain, and trigger point release therapy.


Regular types of massage can also relieve tension, help manage stress, increase overall flexibility, range of motion, improve relaxation and help the body's recovery from specific sports training. It is also for those that are less active but keen to give their bodies the utmost ongoing care.

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