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Benefits of Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage
Benefits of Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage

Learn how regular massage improves your health and well being in unexpected ways.

Many people think of massage as either a nice way to occasionally pamper yourself or a quick fix for a sports injury. In reality it is a powerful tool which used regularly will help you take care of your health, well being, and sports performance.

  1. Manage anxiety and stress – promotes release ‘happy’ hormones and reduces stress hormones

  2. Muscle relaxation – relieve headaches, body pains, neck and shoulder pain, aid in injury prevention and recovery

  3. Increase blood flow and circulation – promotes tissue health and healing, reduced feelings of fatigue

  4. Relieves low back pain

  5. Enhances your mood – by increasing the release of serotonin and dopamine ‘happy’ hormones. This includes improved sexual desire and reduced symptoms of depression

  6. Relief from symptoms (pain and mobility) of fibromyalgia and chronic pain, arthritis pain

  7. Improves sleep quality

  8. Improves mental alertness

  9. Improves athletic performance

  10. Improved cardiovascular health

About Lyndsey

Lyndsey is an experienced sports therapist, who gained her BSc(MED)(HONS) in Exercise science (Biokinetics) from the University of Cape Town. Her studies were based in the Sports Science Institute of South Africa which has the high performance centre used by the Stormers, Springboks, proteas and other National athletes. Since working in the UK, Lyndsey has continued her education gaining the highest level in Sports Massage, the Level 6 BTec in Sports massage. Through lockdown she consolidated her knowledge of sports injuries and movement, qualifying as a ‘Human Movement specialist’ from the Brookbush Institute. Using her knowledge of mechanical assessments, corrective exercises and accumulated hours of experience, Lyndsey ensures that all of her clients enjoy the very best results.


Based in Fleet, Hampshire, Fleet Sports Therapy is a team of highly trained clinical therapists, biokineticists and injury rehabilitation experts available for treatment of sports injuries, chronic pain and any general aches, pains and niggles. Our sports therapy services are available in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot, Hampshire, Basingstoke, Hook, Farnham, Hartley and Whitney

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