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Get set, get ready.... Race

What to do before a sports event/ race?

The importance of recovery between your sessions is as key to your performance as the actual training itself.

We see professional athletes using a vast array of techniques to ensure that they recover quickly and can repeatedly perform at the highest level. When working for the All Blacks during the World cup - they used 3 modalities: massage, hydrotherapy and active recovery the day after they knocked the springboks from the semi finals (I was sad). Getting ready and recovering fast was essential for them. One hour blocks of each method was scheduled for each player. Now- we may not have all of that on hand, but we can book a massage and do some active recovery after a heavy session.

Pre and post event massage is not just for the professional but for the casual weekend warrior, team sports' player, rower, fun runner, hiker, cyclist, marathon and ultra runner. No matter what your vibe is, it’s relevant to all. It can be a light, relaxing massage that stimulates healing blood flow to an overused muscle group, enabling you to recover safer and faster so you can continually perform to the top of your game. The massage increases blood circulation to aid the removal of waste products produced from heavy exercise (there’s a lot of biochemistry involved), reduces post-exercise soreness; and re-establishes range of motion and blood flow to tight muscles. It also can give the athlete a big psychological lift.

For marathon runners starting their taper, it can give you that little boost after your longest pre-event run making heavy legs feel that little bit lighter. Addressing any aches and pains prior to the big day is important (don’t leave it to the last week). Most of my clients have a regular weekly sports massage in their taper period prior to their event. Plus we ensure we book in a few days after the event to help recovery.

So, if you want to remain at the top of the game, prevent niggles/injuries and keep your body in the best possible shape for optimum performance - week in week out, then make sure you schedule recovery into your training schedule!

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