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What Is The Difference Between A Sports Massage And Deep Tissue Massage?

What Is The Difference Between A Sports Massage And Deep Tissue Massage?
What Is The Difference Between A Sports Massage And Deep Tissue Massage?

What Is The Difference Between A Sports Massage And Deep Tissue Massage?

Essentially there is very little difference.

Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment that can be used in the following situations

  • pre event (road race, sports match etc.) preparation to ease tight muscles a few days before event

  • Immediately before a race to help warm up an athlete, activate muscles with fast massage techniques as well as assisted dynamic stretches (more seen in professional settings)

  • post event recovery - aid the recovery of muscles after a race/ match or competition

  • targeted deep tissue massage to help reduce pain and tension in specific areas such as the neck, back, knee or hip.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Reduce pain and tension through trigger point release techniques, stretching, broad work to help relax tight muscles. Many of the techniques used in a ‘sports massage’ are also used for a deep tissue massage. As with every treatment however, the techniques used and approach is always individualised to the individual's needs.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

The elite athletes use sports massage extensively, with many considering the benefits to be crucial to their success. However, sports massage is not just for sportsmen and women; deep tissue treatment can be beneficial to everyone, from athletes to office workers who will almost inevitably feel back or neck pain at some stage from hours hunched over the keyboard. The benefits of sports massage are far reaching when it comes to injury rehabilitation - it can also be used as a preventative measure during training, as it keeps muscles relaxed, making you less prone to strain. Some of the other benefits of sports massage include:

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Improved muscle flexibility

  • Reduction of pain (including lower back, shoulder tension and headaches).

  • Break down of scar tissue (from previous injuries)

  • Stimulates relaxations

  • Reduces anxiety levels

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces stiffness/Post event treatment (DOMS)

About Lyndsey

Lyndsey is an experienced sports therapist, who gained her BSc(MED)(HONS) in Exercise science (Biokinetics) from the University of Cape Town. Her studies were based in the Sports Science Institute of South Africa which has the high performance centre used by the Stormers, Springboks, proteas and other National athletes. Since working in the UK, Lyndsey has continued her education gaining the highest level in Sports Massage, the Level 6 BTec in Sports massage. Through lockdown she consolidated her knowledge of sports injuries and movement, qualifying as a ‘Human Movement specialist’ from the Brookbush Institute. Using her knowledge of mechanical assessments, corrective exercises and accumulated hours of experience, Lyndsey ensures that all of her clients enjoy the very best results.


Based in Fleet, Hampshire, Fleet Sports Therapy is a team of highly trained clinical therapists, biokineticists and injury rehabilitation experts available for treatment of sports injuries, chronic pain and any general aches, pains and niggles. Our sports massage services are available in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot, Hampshire, Basingstoke, Hook, Farnham, Hartley and Whitney

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